Amoris Creek: Season #1 Pickup

Season 1 is over, and the babies are ready to go to their new homes! Remember, these baby Lutes must be paged within a week, or else they will have to find new homes. Also, feel free to trade Lutes amongst yourselves. (: Also, take note that bred Lutes do come with genders!

Willow: Mitch (0010) x Seabreeze (0049)



Sunblind: Sapphire (0075) x Dainty (0068)




Janalee: Ripheus (0069) x Rushisha (0071)



Pega: Tangelo (0077) x Glimmer (0078)





Amoris Creek: Season #1 [CLOSED]

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This breeding season is now over. No more forms will be accepted.

Yes, that’s right! Breeding season is here for the lovely Lutes, and that means you get Lute babies! If you are a new owner, you could ask someone else to borrow their Lutes for this season, or just sit out until the next round; it won’t be long.

The sound of running water can be heard through the trees, and as you finally weave through the last few and reach the stream, you catch sight of Microlutras making dens near the water. Other Lutes are playing in the water, and some you catch a glance of heading into their dens. The breeding season is in full swing! Under a tree, Laviee sits with a couple of almost grown pups, petting their baby fur while they gradually fall asleep in her lap.

[x] Lutes must be paged within a week of their delivery
[x] The breeder posting the breeding keeps all the pups (you are welcome to trade amongst yourselves)
[x] Each litter can result in 2-4 pups
[x] Lutes must be paged in order to breed
[x] Females may only breed once a week
[x] Pups must reach adulthood (one week old) to breed
[x] You may only breed one pair at a time
[x] You may breed with or using another person’s Lute(s), but they must give permission. The breeding would count towards the limit of the person posting the form, and the pups would go to that person. The actual owners of the Lute(s) is allowed to post their own breeding.

To breed a pair of Lutes, just fill in the form below, and Laviee will help them find a spot to get settled for the magic to happen.

Father’s Name:
Father’s ID:
Father’s Owner:
(father’s link)

Mother’s Name:
Mother’s ID:
Mother’s Owner:
(mother’s link)

Go crazy! o3o

Alive again.

Every once in a while I open up my adoptables folders and sites and say to myself, I’ll get back into it. But there’s always school and other IRL things that come up. Anyway, I’m back, and this time I want to do things a little differently!

This will be my Edge of the Skies Adoptables blog! I’ll post here with adoption, custom, breeding, etc. opportunities, and all you have to do is comment to join in on all the fun. (:

I’m really excited to be back in the adoptable world, so expect fun things from me soon!